God always has a purpose for the Wilderness…


I was scheduled to be the camp Chaplain at CYC this summer…but as are many things this year, camp was cancelled. However, again like many things this year, the camp chose to have a virtual presence this summer in lieu of a normal summer camp.

Even though I was not able to be camp Chaplain this summer (I will now be in the summer of 2021), I was asked to share a message for one of their virtual chapel sessions. The video above is that message. The theme they came up with for this summer’s virtual camp experience was “In the Wilderness”.


Information about CYC


Our annual conference, the Christian Youth Conference at Ocean Park (CYC) is an ecumenical Christian youth experience that takes place on the beautiful southern coast of Maine. Since 1915 we’ve been providing an environment within which teenagers can begin or renew their walk with Christ. The Conference takes place over the course of two weeks in August and is a journey of togetherness shared by the men of Camp Judson and the women of Camp Hasseltine. It’s a place where participants can build their faith, become stronger disciples, and make new friends. The Conference is specifically for high school students.