To anyone who has ever experienced a broken heart, whatever the reason…

Beauty in Pieces

A heart that has been broken,
cannot be the same once more.
For it can never be put back,
to how it was before.
How can one move forward,
will there be forever sorrow?
Can a heart that has been broken,
feel whole again tomorrow?

The pain and trials have purpose,
we eventually come to see.
Hurt may last for a while,
but is outweighed by what can be.
Be it a gaining of perspective,
or the avoidance of something worse.
Be it a strengthening we need,
or refocusing on God’s chapter and verse.
Be it learning a lesson,
or something new we never expected.
Be it discovering true grace,
for those similarly effected.

The beauty of a heart,
is not found in its completeness.
But rather in the strength,
that is seen in all its pieces.
In the hope that carries on,
when all seems lost or gone.
And the resolve to still continue,
even while the pain is strong.
To dare to love again,
to allow itself to mend.
To smile and feel emotion,
to have faith to the end.

God gives us strength beyond our self,
peace we can’t understand.
Joy in the midst of sorrow,
comfort straight from his hand.
The Lord can take hold of a heart,
full of sorrow difficult to endure.
He can take that which is broken,
shaping it strong and pure.
Thus we see the beauty,
that every piece contains.
And we trust that while it hurts,
God’s at work…and he still reigns.