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Let’s be honest, living a godly life here on earth can be difficult.  We live in a world that is fallen and wants little to do with God, so being a follower of Christ and living a godly life is a constant struggle.  And unfortunately many times we make it even tougher. We as followers of Christ allow the perspectives and views of this world to infiltrate our way of thinking. This causes an even bigger struggle, because the world’s point of view is opposite of God’s.  As followers of Christ, we must do just that, follow Christ.  In order to truly live a godly life, we must see and think about things from God’s point of view, not the world’s.  How we worship, pray, forgive, and relate to others, both inside and outside the church, are affected by the points of view by which we choose to live our lives.  When we try to live for God using the world’s perspectives, we have blurred vision.  We must be transformed in how we think and view things, so that our lives are in line with God’s point of view. Only then will we be able to truly live a godly life.


Free Preview:

Perspective is the way in which a person views life. Our perspectives are based upon many different influences in our lives—where we live, our family and friends, our experiences, what we both choose to believe and are taught to believe, etc. These very perspectives shape who we are and the choices we make.

I am an American—the oldest son in a family of four kids. I grew up moving a lot, and football has been a big part of my life since I was little. I’ve been raised to view things a certain way, based on the culture in which I was brought up in and the environment by which I was surrounded. We have all been raised in certain cultures and environments by certain people who have certain views of things. And those views, or perspectives, influence our way of thinking and viewing things.

We have also made choices on our own to view and think about things a certain way based on what we want, what we’ve seen and heard, what we choose to believe, and how we’d like our lives to be directed. These choices lead us to have certain views and perspectives that shape how we think and act, how we see and understand the world around us, and how we make decisions and life choices.

I am also a follower of Christ, and that brings in a whole new set of perspectives. When I read the Bible, I find that God’s point of view is often totally different from the views of this world. Because I am a follower of Christ, I need to adopt God’s point of view. Yet because I’m from and live in this world, I am influenced by the views of this world.

Living a godly life here on this earth can be difficult because of the struggle between the views of the world and God’s point view. But in order to live for God and be godly people, we need to see things from his point of view.

Yet all too often, we as followers of Christ try to live for God using the world’s views and understanding. However, we can’t do that and truly live a godly life that is pleasing to God. To live for God—really live for him—we have to see things from God’s point of view.

We must change our ways of thinking and understanding, as well as our perspectives, in order to truly live the lives God has called us to. We need to understand that the way this world thinks goes against God the majority of the time. But we have been raised in this world and have minds that were shaped by this world. So we must allow God to transform our minds so that we think differently than the world and the same as God.

To live for God completely, we have to have his point of view and understanding of things. Until then, our vision is blurred.


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