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Everyone has a story. We are all on a journey in this life. A journey that contains many twists and turns, ups and downs, good times and difficult times. It is all a part of our story. Some parts of the journey are easy to navigate, but other parts can be so difficult that we aren’t sure what to do or which way to turn. It is those difficult times, when we feel lost and uncertain, that we need help and encouragement.

In this book, I share a piece of my story; some of the twists and turns that my journey has taken. I also share ways that have helped me to walk this portion of my journey, as well as the hope I continue to cling to. My desire is that sharing this will provide some help and encouragement as you seek to navigate your own journey.


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This is a book that I have had on my heart to write for a while. For a long time, I assumed that I needed to wait to write it until things were good in my life again, at the point when I had finally experienced restoration.

You see, a few years ago, my life went through some major tragedies (I will share more about those in the book), and I am still waiting for things to start looking up. My life is still in a very difficult place, and I’m still struggling with what happened and all the fallout from it. I am still trying to figure out what is next and how to get there. So while this book has been on my heart, I figured I needed to wait until things were good again before I wrote it. That way when I shared the difficulties I’ve experienced, along with all that I have learned from them, I could also share how things turned out better in the end.

Then I realized something. The most helpful part of someone’s story isn’t the end result, it’s the process they went through. We can all identify with the difficult part of each other’s stories and the lessons learned from them. The end result of a difficult story will look different for each person. However, the daily struggle, the difficult emotions, the doubts, the fears and the questions that we have to work through in the midst of the hard times, those are things we all identify with and can learn from.

Because like it or not, it’s the trials and the difficulties and the hard times that teach us and make us who we are. We learn more about ourselves when we go through struggles than we do when things are good. We come to recognize what we truly care about and what we really want in this life when we experience great loss, not when we have everything we want. Tragedy teaches us what our heart wants more than good and easy times do. And we begin to see how we long to be loved, as well as how we desire to show love, when we’ve been hurt and love has been damaged in our lives.

I have also come to realize that when we go through hard times, we hold onto some semblance of hope for a better future to come. Some of us have more hope than others, but all of us hold onto hope in some way. It’s in the time before that hope comes to fruition, while we are still in the middle of the difficult times, that we need to be encouraged and receive help. If we are not given those things while in the midst of our brokenness, our hope may begin to fade. However, if we can accept even a little bit of help and encouragement when things are still broken, that will help to renew our hope and keep us focused on a better tomorrow.

So why do I need to wait to write this book until things are good again in my life? I don’t. In fact, I shouldn’t.

That doesn’t mean things in my life won’t get better. I hold onto hope for a better tomorrow same as you do. But it’s the broken and difficult times in my life that I hope you as the reader will resonate with and be encouraged by. I hope my writing can provide help for your own difficult time. That’s why the time to write a book like this is now, not after the fact.


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