Today my new book Broken is officially published and available for purchase!

It has been quite a journey. Not just to see this book published, but the entire story that goes with this book, as well as how difficult it was to write it. As I wrote this book, I relived each painful memory that the book shares…again feeling each difficult emotion that is part of this journey I have been on.

I did not write this book so that I could share my story in order to glorify it in some way. Not at all. I was careful how I wrote it and what I shared…sticking to facts and enough information to share my story without going into anything too detailed or personal. Because this book was not an attempt to air my dirty laundry, or share my struggles and frustrations.

I wrote this book because I know that everyone has a story that includes pain and difficulty. We are all on a journey in our life, and that journey is not easy.

I wrote this book to hopefully be a help to those who read it as they work through their story and continue on their journey. That is why the full title of this book is:

Broken: Help and encouragement for living in the midst of brokenness, before experiencing healing and restoration

My prayer and hope for this book is that God would use it to help and encourage you as you read it. That my story would be used by Him as he chooses. And that he would receive all the glory.

You can find a free preview as well as a link to where to purchase it here.

OR, you can simply click here to go to where it is available for purchase.