Seasons. Ups. Downs. Changes. Life is full of them.

There are times in life when things seem to be going well. When we are enjoying how things are going, and our stress level is low.

Then there are times in life when things seem to be going the opposite of well. When we are not enjoying how things are going, and our stress level is high.

And, there are times that are in between.

Life is full of ups and downs. Of changes and different seasons.

When things are going well, and when life seems to be good and things are enjoyable, it’s like you’re standing on dry ground. It’s firm. It’s strong. It’s holding you steady. It’s nice. And enjoyable.

Then the rains begin to come.

At first, it’s just a little rain. A little rain never hurt anyone. It’s kind of refreshing at first, and you don’t mind the slight adjustments you have to make.

But it keeps falling. There isn’t a break. In fact, it almost seems as though it is raining harder and harder. And after a while, you’re tired of being wet. You want to be dry again. You want the ground to not be muddy and slippery. It’s getting harder to stand securely.

As the rain keeps falling, large puddles begin forming. You look down and see that your feet are now under water. This rain is now becoming annoying…a nuisance. Your feet are wet and cold, and it makes the rest of your body begin to feel colder.

The water keeps rising as the rain keeps falling.

You watch as the level of water raises up above your ankles and to your knees. Then to your waist.

Now you begin to start to worry. This isn’t comfortable, or fun, or enjoyable at all. The water is all around you, and with it being up to your waist, you are not standing on very solid ground anymore. The current of the water even begins to make you sway around some. You keep changing your footing so you can continue to stand.

But the rain is not letting up yet. And your brain starts to race with “what’s going to happen?” thoughts. This is now beyond your control, and you are not only worried, but starting to be afraid.

As the water passes your chest and reaches your neck, fear begins to take over. At this point, it takes all of your strength to not go into complete freak out mode.

Now you are at the mercy of the water. The current moves you around, and you just try to keep your toes touching the ground…but it’s a continual struggle.

At the same time, you have also begun to look skyward, so as to keep your mouth and face from going under the water. And right now, this is all you can think of. Keeping your head above water. Not drowning. Looking up, hoping you make it through this and the rain stops soon so that the water will stop rising.

You are entering into desperation mode at this point.

You can still remember times when you were dry and standing on solid ground. When things were going well, and you were enjoying yourself.

But now, that is a distant memory. Your current reality is not dry nor on solid ground. Things aren’t going well, and you don’t really find enjoyment in this moment.

Life is like that. Ups and downs. Seasons and changes.

In the last few blogs I have shared, I’ve been pretty open and honest about my current life struggles. I think it’s safe for me to say that I feel like I’m currently just trying to keep my head above water.

And I’m sure if you are reading this, you can relate. Either right now in your current life situation, or at a time in your past. We have all had times we felt like the water was so high we were struggling to just keep our head above water.

It’s exhausting to be like that. And the longer we seem to be in that position, the more exhausted we become.

One thing I’ve realized while I’ve been in this position is that if I don’t work hard to keep my thoughts in check, they will run wild. The worry and fear that comes with being in this position can begin to control my mind. I begin to let worry and fear take over, and it begins to control not only my mind, but also my heart and emotions.

Again, I am sure you can relate. We all have things we worry about or fears we have that can control us if we allow. We try to fight against it, but the more exhausted we become just trying to keep our head above water, the harder it is to fight.

It is during this time that we must use every single ounce of strength we have to cling to hope and truth. Hope that we will not be completely overcome by the water, and the truth that even in this particular time God is still with us…he has not forgotten us, even though we feel like he has.

When the water is rising, the enemy likes to prey on our fears and worries. And it is the truth we know from God’s Word that will give us the solid ground we need in those times. Even if we are looking skyward to keep above water, and the only solid ground we feel beneath us is because we are standing on our toes. Cling hard to that solid ground. Cling to the truth!

Isaiah 43: 2 says…

When you pass through the waters, I will be with you; and through the rivers, they shall not overwhelm you; when you walk through fire you shall not be burned, and the flame shall not consume you.

When the waters rise, remember that God is greater than the water. Remember that he is still with you, and he will give you the strength you need when your strength is spent.