Journey to follow Christ

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Jacob Jackson

I’m 21, a gym rat, hiking fanatic, college student, amateur writer and poet, Guiness lover and most importantly a believer.

I was born and raised in Stoneham, Massachusetts. I grew up going to a congregational church where I was baptized and confirmed. As I look back, all those years I truly thought I was a Christian, but I did not understand the reality of Christ. I was raised in a “going with the motion’s”, comfortable ritualistic experience every Sunday. For me personally, that kind of style was not very impactful. I look back now and feel like I was being told what I should think, but not being taught to think for myself concerning God or Jesus.

When I graduated high school, and before my graduation ceremony, I hopped on a plane to Washington state running from home. And in a way running from God and the church. I worked random jobs, was on the road quite a bit, and along the way I think in my head and heart I took Christianity out of my personal code. I found it to be irrational and in all honesty having no impact in my life.

After some time in Washington, I moved to Colorado where I lived with distant family. Two years passed and I found myself in a radical transformation back to Christianity. In a whole new, true, and earnest way. No doubt it was largely due to God working through my cousin who showed me some much-needed grace and wisdom. To this day, I feel deeply indebted to her. The power of Christ managed to overflow from her to me in a powerful way. My eyes were opened and I was saved from this world.

This is only a brief overview of my story. There is so much more to my testimony that I will share through this blog.

I have and will continue to test my faith rigorously, because growing up I felt that I was not challenged to do so. I believe it is extremely important to ask questions regarding our faith. As believers we should ask questions about our faith without fear. This is what I refer to as a philosophizing Christian; a believer who is willing to ask hard questions about faith and seek for the answers. I have all the confidence in my heart that Jesus and scripture can take every constructive criticism.

I will do my best to share discoveries I’ve had along my journey, in this short life. I hope that it will impact you to grow closer to Jesus every day.


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