CRAVE Student Discipleship

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Purpose of CRAVE Student Discipleship Ministries
To train tomorrow’s spiritual leaders today

Goal of CRAVE Student Discipleship Ministries
Learn. Grow. Apply. Disciple
Students will learn to study God’s word, helping them grow in their knowledge of God and faith in God. Students will then be better equipped to apply the truth of scripture in their lives and seek out others to begin to disciple.

CRAVE Student Discipleship Ministries seeks to impart the following skills
 Become familiar with your Bible
 Study scripture using different methods
 Use resources to go deeper in your study
 Write your own personal Statement of Faith
 Develop and personalize your own faith
 Disciple others


Elements of CRAVE Student Discipleship Ministries


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A CRAVE Discipleship Training Weekend is designed to give students hands on training to learn to study scripture on their own, take their studies to a deeper level, write their own personal statement of faith, and even begin the discipleship process with others. There is a total of 10 hours of training needed for this, as it includes teaching as well as hands on projects to help the students put into practice what they are learning.

This training can happen in 2 different formats:

-Friday Night and Saturday
-All day Saturday

Information about how to book this Discipleship Training Weekend is below.


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After a student has been through the CRAVE Discipleship Training Weekend, they have the option to continue on in their training. CRAVE Next Level is similar to taking an online course. Students interested will use the training they received to do a series of in-depth Bible Study projects.

Projects will be geared to each student, done at their own pace, and once completed they will be submitted for critiques and continued teaching to further develop the students training and skills. Students will also seek to find both a “Paul” and a “Timothy” in their life, for the purpose of building and developing different discipleship relationships.

Information about how to enroll in CRAVE Next Level is shared during the Discipleship Training Weekend events.


Booking Information


To book a CRAVE Discipleship Training Weekend for your group, send an email to, and put Discipleship Training Weekend in the subject line. That will begin the conversation about which weekend will work to be booked, the format/schedule of that weekend, the cost associated with this weekend, and any other details that are determined as necessary.

The only fixed cost associated with booking a CRAVE Discipleship Training Weekend are the travel expenses for the weekend. Groups have the option of also paying a speaker fee if their budget allows for it, but it is not at all required. The travel expense total will be submitted after the weekend, and should be reimbursed within a two week time frame if possible.

Costs that are counted as a travel expense are: all transportation costs, housing costs, and any food/drink purchased during the weekend that is not provided by the group.

*If you are a member of Reach Youth New England, your membership entitles you to a 25% discount on travel expenses.


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