About me

I was born in Lynchburg, Virginia. My family moved around a lot when I was a kid; my dad was military for a while and then had a few different ministry jobs. When people ask me where I grew up I say Colorado and Louisiana. I lived in Denver, Colorado 4th grade through 7th grade, and then in Denham Springs, Louisiana 8th grade through graduating High School. I went to college at Grace University in Omaha, Nebraska where I double-majored in Christian Education of Youth and Biblical Studies. I graduated in 2002.

I have 4 children; Noah, Alexandra (Ali for short), Hope, and Kate. I love the times I get to spend with my kids! I also enjoy watching or playing basketball and football, blogging and writing, speaking, traveling, hiking, watching movies, and going out to eat.

I am passionate about ministry, seeking the truth of God’s Word, learning how to properly apply that truth in my life, and finding ways to creatively and effectively share the truth of God’s Word and how to apply it with others. I have authored the books Blurred Vision, Enough, and Broken.

When I have the opportunity, I enjoy traveling and going on mission trips all over the world. My travels include visiting Nepal, France, Austria, and Hungary as well as multiple Mission Trips to Romania, Belize, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Ecuador, Guatemala, and the Philippines. Here at home I have had the opportunity to travel all over the United States.


My Passion:

There is a quote by Ron Brown that really describes my focus and passion in life: “I’m not afraid of failure, I’m afraid of being successful at things that don’t matter.” I want my life and how I spend my time to count, and that is what motivates me in my life. I am very passionate about teaching my own kids, the students and adults in my ministry, and those I have the opportunity to travel and speak to what it means to not just love God with your words, but with your every action. I take very seriously my calling to teach the word of God to others as well as to teach them to study the word of God for themselves. I am specifically passionate in my teaching to make sure the truth of scripture is understood and that we take that truth and apply in our lives.

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