The next lesson in our “Jesus Centered Life” series will be looking at how Jesus interacted with people. How they reacted to him, what about him drew people to him, and how did he interact with and respond to them.

We are going to do things a little different…there will be no lesson video for this week. Below are a few different passages of scripture to read, along with a few questions. Take a few minutes this week before remote Youth Group this Sunday to read and answer the questions. Come to Youth Group with your thoughts/answers from this.

Passages to Read:

  • Matthew 4:18-22
  • Matthew 9:18-22
  • Luke 19:1-10

Questions to Consider/Answer:

  1. What do you notice about the people in this story? 
  2. How is their reaction to Jesus? 
  3. In what way does Jesus act and/or treat them?  

On Sunday night we will spend time going over your answers/thoughts, and discussing these passages (as well as possibly a couple others). See y’all Sunday night at 6:30pm on zoom.