Online lesson for the Student Ministry, looking at Philippians 4:4-9. In this lesson, it is specifically applied to our current situation and the worries we shared with each other during our “Virtual Youth Group” meeting this past Sunday (March 29. 2020). Below the video are a few questions for you to consider and even share your thoughts in the comments.

*BTW – I know it’s midweek and not Sunday evening…but that’s ok, things are so different right now I figured I’d just share it now 😜. There will also be a part 2 that I’ll share this weekend or early next week.



Discussion Questions…

  1. What are you worried about during this time? If you already shared something when we had our “Virtual Youth Group”, what else are you worried about?
  2. Take some time and make your list of “What is true, honorable, just, pure, lovely, commendable, excellent, and worthy of praise” like Pastor Aaron shared. When you do, try to think of as many different things as you can…the more you think of and have written down, the better.
    • If you would be willing, share at least a few of the things you wrote down on your list here in a comment. It’s encouraging to all who read  it.
  3. What are some scripture verses/passages that have been encouraging to you during this uncertain time? Pastor Aaron shared Psalm 46:1-3; what are some others?
    • Again, share in the comments so everyone reading can see and be encouraged as well.