In 10 days it will be November 15th. That is a date that carries a lot of personal significance for me…because it is on that date in 2015 that my life forever changed.

That was the day I resigned from a job I loved and didn’t want to lose.

That was the last day I lived in the same house as my children.

That was the day that I consider as being the first day of the end of my marriage.

That was a day that I lost a lot of what defined my life at that point, and my life took a turn I never expected or saw coming.

In 10 days it will mark 3 years since that day. It has been a very difficult and interesting 3 years…full of ups and downs, learning and questioning, sorrows and joys, pain and healing, and so much more. It has definitely been quite a journey.

Over the next 9 days (starting tomorrow…November 7th) I will be sharing 9 words that carry a lot of meaning and weight in my life. Words that have encouraged me, challenged me, caused me to think and analyze and grow in my life…words that God has used in my life.

Each day I will share one of those words in a blog…