Life contains trials and difficulties,
that leave people torn and tattered.
They can often hit without warning,
rending hearts broken and shattered.

Despair begins to overwhelm,
with each thing lost or taken away.
When circumstances forever change,
confusion dominates the day.
What once was perceived as joyous,
has quickly turned to sorrow.
And what was beloved yesterday,
is no longer there tomorrow.

When all seems lost or broken,
and hopelessness is settling in.
May we look to our Lord and Savior,
who can mend broken hearts again.
When life chooses to do its worst,
seek the one who gave his best.
Amid our sorrow and weariness,
let us run to him and rest.

He offers joy amidst the sorrow,
and peace when the future is bleak.
Hope despite our heartache,
and strength when we are weak.

May we continually chase after God,
living for him all of our days.
May he be glorified in all we do,
and honored by all our ways.
And even in our brokenness,
when life’s pieces don’t fit neatly.
May we always seek to surrender,
to our Lord and Savior completely.