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So SICK of it all!!

This political season has felt like nothing more than a big fight…at times a very childish fight. And I’m not just talking between the 2 main candidates…it has been between those who are major supporters of the 2 candidates as well. We had 2 candidates representing very different ideals and beliefs, and each was followed by supporters who are just as divided as the candidates were. Key word here: DIVIDED.

I think it’s safe for me to say that I’ve personally never witnessed so much division as what I saw this political season. Sure, different political parties and the people who support those parties have always disagreed, that’s nothing new. Disagreements are a part of life really, even outside of politics. And disagreements in and of themselves are not bad either. I disagree with people I love and are friends with, and despite the things I disagree with them on, I still love them the same. I’ve seen political figures and parties disagree before, as well as watched the supporters of those figures and parties disagree. Unfortunately however, this time it seems to have gone beyond disagreements all the way to division and disunity.

And I’m sick of it.

But, that’s only part of what the title of this blog is referring to.

In the past few months I have heard from more than one friend of mine whose marriage is over (or close to over) because their spouse chose to walk out on them. I’ve spent hours talking with and messaging with these friends, as well as praying for them and their children, as they walk through this difficult time and try to figure out how to pick up the pieces of their broken life and move on…all while also helping their children deal with what just happened to their family. It’s gut wrenching to think about my friends and the pain they are dealing with, as well as thinking about how confused and hurt their children are. It breaks my heart to think of what they will all have to walk through in the coming days, months, and years as they all try to process what happened and learn to live life in this new way.

I hate the fact that any child has to grow up with that kind of pain or confusion, because they didn’t do anything to deserve it. I hate the fact that children get put into situations where they are caught between their parents, and they aren’t sure exactly how to maneuver that middle ground all the time. I hate the fact that any child would have to struggle with feelings of “is it my fault” or “why is this to happening” or even “what did my parents do that caused this”, because it only leads to more pain and confusion whether or not their questions get answered. And I hate that kids will grow up thinking that divorce is a common part of marriage.

I’m so sick of it!

I’m sick of the division that happens in families, and I’m sick of the division that’s happening in my country. I’m sick of watching the sacred institution of family break apart, and I’m sick of watching the nation that I love continue to be more and more broken apart. I’m sick of seeing and hearing of the hurt, pain, fear, confusion, distrust, and even anger that is going on in so many, whether it’s because their family fell apart or because of the things said by our political leaders or their supporters and the division it has caused.

I’m SO sick of it all!!

The truth is, no matter what our personal beliefs might be, our families and our nation are both in a very vulnerable place. Our nation and many of our homes are deeply divided. And even though it’s a cliché statement, it’s also very true that “a house divided against itself cannot stand”. Whether that phrase is referring to a nation or a family, the truth of that statement applies equally.

Maybe it is time we all became sick of it. Maybe it is time we as people set aside some of our differences to work together. Maybe it is time that the commitments we state in a wedding ceremony are taken more seriously. Maybe it is time we start to think more of the future than our feelings in the present, because the future generations will have to clean up the messes we make today, both in our families and our nation.

Aren’t you just SO sick of it all?

To all my fellow Americans that don’t have the same Christian beliefs that I personally have: we need to still get along for the good of our nation. We can disagree and even vote differently based on our personal beliefs, which is all of our right to do, and still work together to ensure our nation is not divided to the point of falling apart. We don’t have to like the current administration in order to live in unity with each other, we only have to be willing to do what is needed to promote unity whether or not our government does…we can be the example to them.

To all my fellow Americans who do hold to similar Christian beliefs that I personally have: we must be willing to show love to those we don’t agree with, no matter what. If you call yourself a Christian, then live every day based on how God has called you to live. Romans 12:18 says “If possible, so far as it depends on you, live peaceably with all” (read verses 9-21 for full context). In John 13:35 Jesus told his disciples “By this all people will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another.” And Philippians 1:27 gives us a big challenge to “let your manner of life be worthy of the gospel of Christ”.

To all who want to get married and start a family, regardless of your personal beliefs: take the commitments you make to your spouse and to your kids very seriously. Understand it won’t always be easy, and determine to be willing to fight with all you have to keep the commitments you made, knowing that your actions affect more than just yourself. When you say “for better or worse”, do all you possibly can to stand by those words, for yourself and your spouse as well as for your children.

Look, I know that life is messy…I’m not claiming it will be perfect. There are a lot of difficult things we will deal with in this life, I am fully aware of that and am not minimizing that in any way. But, I also believe that we can work hard to do what is right in the midst of difficult situations, and that we can learn to work together to bring about healing and unity.

Our nation is very divided right now. Many families are becoming divided as well. I’m SO sick of it all…and I hope you are too!



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