I know I’ve said this before, but music has such an amazing ability to speak to me in times when I need it.

Today at the gym I was listening to the Sidewalk Prophets, and there were two songs on their album Live Like That which God used to really speak to me in a much-needed way. The coolest part was that these 2 songs are next to each other on the album, so I just kept going back to the first of the two songs and letting both of them play through, then repeating both.

I love the fact that God is so awesome, he can and will speak to us in so many different and creative ways. Today I was at the gym sweating and listening to my music (like everyone else in there), and in that place he spoke to my heart through the music I was listening to, giving me comfort and reminding me to stay strong in him.

Our God is truly an AWESOME God! I pray I never lose the awe of that or begin to let this world drown out his voice, causing me to miss when he speaks to me in unexpected places.

Don’t allow yourself to let the noise of this world cause you to miss God speaking to you through unexpected means and in unexpected places either…because you’ll be missing out on something truly amazing; you’ll miss a blessing from God.

The first song I was listening to is called “It’s Good (Love’s Not Safe)” and the second song that came after it is called “Help Me Find It”. Video’s with lyrics for both songs are below. I pray the truth found in these songs speak to you as it did me…for whatever you may be dealing with at this moment.

It’s Good (Love’s Not Safe)


Help Me Find It