Psalm 46:10 tells us to “be still, and know that I am God…” The NASB translation says “cease striving, and know that I am God…”

Life can quickly go sideways, heading in directions we weren’t prepared for. It is easy in those moments to start to worry, or to begin to work harder to control the situation.  But all we end up accomplishing with our worry or attempts at controlling things is that we begin to run our self ragged, worry our self sick, or make a bigger mess instead of controlling the damage.

That is why this verse is so awesome. It reminds us that the best course of action is not to worry or try to figure out how to gain control, but rather to simply be still. Cease striving. Quit trying to take care of things on our own, and instead remember that He is God. We are not God, we have no real control, and on our own we are weak and struggle to properly deal with life’s difficulties.

We are not God, but He is God. He is the creator of everything. He is sovereign and in control of everything, even the things we don’t understand. He can handle any situation in this life, because He is bigger than every situation in this life.

We were meant to go through this life in a relationship with God. We were meant to lean on Him, trust in Him, rely on Him, and follow where He leads us. We were not created to do this life apart from Him. We often try, but it gets frustrating and tiring and exhausting and difficult real quick. And then we either begin to worry or try to take more control, and that only makes us more frustrated and tired and exhausted.

It’s a vicious cycle that does not lead us where we want to go, it simply leads to more of the same.

Be still. Cease striving.

Remember we are not God. Remember that He is God.

When we don’t know what to do, we need to simply rest in Him and focus on the truth that He is God. When we think we need to figure out how to control things better, we need to stop and simply rest in Him and focus on the truth that He is God. When worry begins to overwhelm us and we feel like we can’t breathe because of it all, we need to take a deep breath and simply rest in Him and focus on the truth that He is God.

We are not God. He is. He is God alone. There is no other God except Him (Isaiah 45:5).

May we allow Him to be God in our life. May we allow Him to be in control, to give us peace and rest, and to work His INCREDIBLE grace into every situation. He is God alone…and we must allow Him to be that in our life each and every day, no matter what.

May we learn how to be still, and know that He is God.