I was at a summer camp all this past week, hanging with and sharing God’s Word with high school students. It was a great week of camp…I’ve always loved summer camp.

At camp, there was no internet and basically no cell phone coverage. Believe me, other than the fact that I didn’t get to talk to my wife a lot, I was completely fine with being disconnected for a while. It was honestly quite relaxing.

Today we returned to civilization, which includes internet and cell phone coverage. I usually don’t browse the news feed on Facebook a lot, simply because I don’t feel the need to. However, after a week away, I thought I’d check in and see what I missed. Apparently I missed something big…

While I was away at camp, SCOTUS (supreme court of the United States…honestly, it took me a few moments to figure out what that stood for when I first saw it on Facebook) ruled that gay-marriage is legal nation wide. And from what I saw ALL OVER Facebook, everyone decided they had to share their thoughts and opinions on it, as well as get into arguments with others.

Practically every post I saw was someone else sharing their thoughts on this issue. Agreeing with it, happy for it, disagreeing with it, unhappy for it, etc. Everyone had an opinion about this, and everyone felt the need to share their opinion.

Now, I already think Social Media is used way to often as a way for people to vent their frustrations, try to convince others of what to think, or argue with others who have differing opinions (Downside of Social Media). It has just been magnified the past couple of days. Very magnified!

I do not feel the need to share all my thoughts and opinions concerning this issue on social media. I won’t be posting any Bible verses or quotes, sharing what I’m thinking and feeling, or leaving comments on someone else’s post which could start an argument. I do not think that everyone needs to hear what I have to say concerning the issue.

Firstly, I’m not surprised by this happening (I shared in a blog a couple of years ago in which I said that I expected this to happen at some point), so there’s no reason to say everything I am thinking. Secondly, those who made the decision (SCOTUS) will not be reading my posts to see what I think…they don’t even know I exist. So my thoughts carry no real weight in this ruling. And thirdly, it changes nothing in my life. I’m still the same, I still have my same views and beliefs, and I plan to still live the same way I was before.

Do I have an opinion? Sure. I have a strong opinion about it. Practically everyone does…it’s the kind of thing that everyone has a view on. However, I don’t need to share my opinion unless I’m having a conversation with someone and they ask me what I think. So until then, I will keep my opinions to myself (probably will discuss them with my wife since we talk about everything) and continue to seek to be sociable on social media.

I need to focus my attention much more on making sure that I act in love and kindness, and work to keep the peace between myself and others (the Bible tells me to act that way as a Follower of Christ). That is true for how I talk to and treat people, both in person and on social media.

My challenge is that everyone else who claims to be a Follower of Christ do the same. Act and react in love, kindness, and respect, seeking to keep the peace.