This past week, I had the opportunity to network with several people in different ministries. It was awesome! I love being able to connect and network with others who are also serving in ministry.

I will take opportunities that come up to network whenever I can. It is important when we work in ministry that we network with others who also work in ministry. Ministry is not easy, and we need to be willing to connect and work together.

In ministry, networking with others in ministry can be very beneficial for a few different reasons.


1. It helps you think outside your box

Everyone has a specific way of thinking about and doing things. We all have a box so to speak. Some people have larger boxes than others, but we all have a box. It is beneficial to hear thoughts, ideas, and perspectives from others within ministry.

When we network with others and we talk about ministry, we gain new perspectives and ideas. It helps expand our own box, which will benefit us personally as well as the ministries we work and serve in.

Even when we don’t always agree with everything others in ministry say or think, it can still be very beneficial to network in order to have our own box expanded. It’s unhealthy to think and act as though we have all the right ideas and perspectives when it comes to ministry.

2. It keeps the Body of Christ connected

Even though we are all working at different churches and ministries, we are all part of the global church…we are all part of the Body of Christ. And we need to act like it in how we stay connected with other local ministries in our area. It is beneficial to have local churches and ministries connected, both for the church as well as for the community.

When we stay connected with other ministries in our area, we are able to work together to reach our community, rather than trying to do it on our own. This gets the Body of Christ working together as it should. And, the community around us will see the Body of Christ being unified, which is a great testimony.

Even pastors from churches that are of different denominations should work to stay connected when possible. God is so much bigger than our man-made denominational lines. We should not allow walls and lines created by man to divide the Body of Christ.

3. It provides a safe place to share

In the famous words of my Senior Pastor… “I’m a mess, you’re a mess, we’re all a mess.” We all have struggles, difficulties, and things we need to share and talk about with someone else. Those in ministry are no different (despite what some people might think, or how some ministry leaders might act).

Unfortunately as a ministry leader, it can be difficult to find someone to be completely open with. Ministry leaders, while we should be honest and transparent, do need to be careful just how much we share with people in our church. And even the staff we work with, we still have to be careful how much we share. Sometimes we just need to vent about the ministry we are in, but we shouldn’t do that to those in the church, or to the other ministry leaders we work with. 

It is beneficial to network with those in ministries outside of the one we work in…because they can relate to what it’s like to work in ministry, and because when we develop deep enough relationships, we can share things we couldn’t otherwise with those in the ministry we work. We all have things we need to share, so we need to find someone who we can safely share those things with.