In October of 2014 I wrote a blog post called Exactly where I’m supposed to be. In this blog I shared about the difficulty we had been having trying to sell our house back in Omaha. We purchased it in 2005, and when we moved to New Hampshire in 2010 we began trying to sell it.

Almost 5 years later, in October of 2014, we received our first offer on the house. It was exciting to have finally received an offer, but unfortunately it was a very low offer. $25,000 low.

No, we do not have $25,000. Not even close. So we had quite a difficult decision to make. After a time of thinking and praying, we decided we’d pursue a short sale. We knew that our credit would be hurt for a few years, but that was our best option. If the bank said no to the short sale, then our backup option was to try and raise the funds needed to cover the difference. The leadership of the church where I work told me they would help us raise these funds should we have to go that route.

The process of applying for a short sale is not fun. Paperwork, paperwork, and more paperwork. I created and turned in more paperwork than I’ve ever done before. The bank continually contacted us to ask for more…half the time saying they’d lost what we had sent in, so we had to send it again.

After a few months of this process, my wife and I were growing weary. The house was vacant, so we were paying the monthly payments and utilities…along with our current rent and utilities for where we are living. The bank was still not close to making a decision. This was all definitely causing additional stress in our home.

During this time, we also began to feel convicted that we needed to not ask the church leadership for help covering the funds if it came to that. Our church has many other needs, so we felt like it was more important that if funds were raised at church, it should be for something that benefited the church as a whole, not just us. So I told the leadership how we felt and thanked them for their willingness to help out.

We had been trusting in God through this entire process, but we also knew we had the church leadership to lean on for help. Now that we did not have them to lean on for help, we really had to make sure we were trusting in God…because we had no idea how we’d make up that big of a difference on our own if the bank didn’t give us a short sale.

And then, a God sized miracle happened.

A day after I shared with the leadership, I received a message from some friends. They told us that they had been praying about our house situation for a while, and they felt led by God to give us the money to cover the difference…all of it. We were speechless (they told me that was one of the best parts of telling us, that I was speechless for once).

So I contacted our real estate agent and switched over to a regular sale rather than a short sale. And 3 weeks later, on January 30th, we closed on our house!

Nearly 5 years we had that house and didn’t live in it. 5 years we wanted to get rid of it and couldn’t. 5 years God wanted us to continue to trust him, so that when the time was right, he could provide in a miraculous way…with a God size miracle. God is truly an AWESOME GOD!

2015-01-31 01.36.06

I want to say thanks to all who prayed for this situation on our behalf over the past 5 years.