Mobile Devices are great to have. They are fun, handy, useful, and gives us the ability to be creative. Most of them are also connected to the internet, which means we have the ability to be connected to the world on our mobile devices…we have the world at our fingertips.

However, if we do not learn to set guidelines for how and when we use our mobile devices, they can easily begin to control us, become an idol in our lives, and even lead us down a dangerous path.

Recently in my Student Ministry we had a discussion on Mobile Device Guidelines. The students also received a card that had the 4 guidelines and verses that we talked about.


This card is a simple reminder for the students to remember the guidelines, and it was on a card the size of a business card so that it was also mobile and they could keep it in their purse, wallet, pocket, etc.

Below is the audio of that lesson about these Mobile Device Guidelines.