The team I was a part of spent 8 days on the trip to the Les Petits Anges de Jacmel orphanage; 2 days traveling, 1 day off (which was totally needed), and 5 days of some of the hardest labor I’ve done. The project was to add a second story to an existing building for the orphanage to use. We worked from morning till night each day, making quite a bit of progress on the structure we were building (more than I thought we could do).

At the end of the trip, we were able to leave enough money with the pastor of the orphanage to ensure they would be able to finish the project. Even though we as a team were exhausted, we wished we could of stayed one more day to finish the roof…but it was nice to know that the money we left would go toward finishing the project.


This is where we built the second story of the building. This picture was taken a few days before we arrived.

2014-03-04 16.34.28

This is what the structure looked like when we left. This picture was taken in the same location the first picture was taken.

This is a highlight video of our trip and the work we did on the trip.


Last week my friend Almando who lives in Haiti took a drive to the orphanage to see how much more work had been done. He shared with me that the 2nd story was almost done, and that the boys at the orphanage moved into the building on April 12th. How cool to know it is being used now!

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