This is the “Les Petits Anges de Jacmel” Orphanage…translated into English, that means “The Little Angels of Jacmel”. This past summer when I was in Jacmel with several of my students for a mission trip, we visited this orphanage. While there I realized that they did not have enough adequate space for all the boys they have. I spoke with the pastor of the orphanage, and he shared with me how they have part of the building that they would like to add a second level onto in order to create another room, but they do not have the money or resources to do this.

That conversation stuck with me, and when I returned to the states I  began putting together a plan to go back to this orphanage and do this work project for them. When I shared this plan, 6 other people from my church and 1 friend who lived in Pennsylvania joined the team.

Part of what we raised for this trip covered purchasing all the materials for the project. This was both to ensure we had plenty of work to do on our trip, and to be a blessing to the orphanage since they couldn’t afford any materials for the project. Then a week before the trip I discovered that the estimated cost for the materials had changed by a significant amount, and it looked like we would be in danger of not being able to purchase all of the materials…until my church stepped up in a HUGE way by taking a special offering and raising the needed amount!

Tomorrow morning at 3am, a team of 8 of us will begin traveling to Jacmel, Haiti. The following day we will head to the “Les Petits Anges de Jacmel” orphanage to begin working on this addition.


This is where the addition will be built…this is where my team and I will spend the next week working. It is such a privilege and honor to be able to go to this orphanage and show the children who call this place home the love of God in a real and tangible way.

When I return I will share about the trip.

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