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Today I was in my office just doing some desk work (so much fun) when a student knocked on my door. I turned around to see them carrying the cake that is pictured above. When I read the cake I turned back to the student and said “thank you for what?” They replied to me, “for being my youth pastor”. Well, that just made my day!

It is amazing how two simple words can be so powerful. Saying “thank you” can be huge in making a persons day that much better. And, it is also good for the person saying it, because they are thinking of others instead of them self when they are telling someone “thank you”. Those two words benefit both the giver and the receiver…they are extremely powerful words.

As I was reflecting on how good it made me feel that this student took their time to make me a cake that says “thank you” and then bring it to me so they could thank me for doing, in all reality, what I’m paid to do, it made me begin to think of others who I work with that do their job and might go un-thanked. We all like to hear the words “thank you”, even if we are doing what we are supposed to do. So allow me to take a moment and thank 3 people who I probably don’t thank enough that I work with every day.

1- Jamie Pigeon, our facility manager. Jamie has a tough job because our building is huge and has lots of character (nice way of saying issues), and he keeps it running well. Without him, the Student Ministry would not have such an awesome Youth Center to meet in and the Children’s Ministry would not be enjoying a brand new Children’s Center. The building stays clean, the grass stays mowed (and we have a lot of grass to mow), and problems with the building are addressed. Yes, he has some part-time help to assist him in all of his work, but that is just another aspect of his job that he does well in the upkeep of this building so that all the different ministries that use space here can do so. I am very thankful for you Jamie!

2- Ruth Merrill, our financial secretary. Ruth has been a God-send to our church because of all the financial stuff she’s helped us deal with. She does a tremendous job of keeping our books in order as well as managing and properly accounting for all the money that comes in through the offering as well as different ministries, trips, and events that happen here throughout the year. Yes, I’m sure I make her job a little harder because I’ve never been one to be afraid to spend money, and because the Student Ministry is very active and thus lots of money is exchanging hands for different trips and events. But she does a great job of managing all that I bring to her and she is still nice to me 🙂 Thanks Ruth for all you do!

3- Tracie Durant, our church secretary. Tracie has the fun job of having an office in the same vicinity as me, a feat that is not always easy because I like to roam around and talk to (disturb) others quite often 🙂 She puts together our weekly bulletins, newsletters, power point slides, answers emails and phone calls on a daily basis, and tries to manage all that the different pastors ask her to do as well…and she does a tremendous job of it! She often goes above and beyond what we ask of her, and she does it graciously. And when I do feel like going in and disturbing her to talk or joke around, she is gracious then too. She makes the office work efficiently, and keeps us pastors on track for what we need to do for each week. Thank you Tracie for all you do, and for putting up with me too.


Who is someone that is around you all the time, doing what they are supposed to do, that you haven’t thanked in a while? Make it a point to thank them today. It will be good for them because everyone likes to be thanked, and it will be good for you too.

Proverbs 12:25 says “An anxious heart weighs a man down, but a kind word cheers him up.”

We are all busy, and we all could easily reach the point of having an anxious heart because of all we have to do or are being asked to do. It is easy to become anxious. But as it says in the verse, “a kind word cheers him up”. So take a moment and say thank you to those around you. They could be on the verge of an anxious heart, or they might already be at that point. And simply saying “thank you” could change all of that.