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If you’ve spent any time on social media sites, then you’ve seen something that has been #hastagged. I’m not a huge fan of #hashtags…I feel like they are overused. But that doesn’t mean I’ve never used them or that they don’t have their place.

However, there is one #hastag that I’ve seen a lot that really bothers me…#firstworldproblems. That’s right, there is a #hastag that has been created for people to make complaints, real or just as a joke, called #firstworldproblems.

Now, I get that living in a first world country doesn’t mean there won’t be any problems to deal with. But let’s be honest, there isn’t much to complain about in comparison to a third world country. And, there is SO MUCH MORE to be thankful for in a first world country than a third world country…so even when there is a problem, which is a part of life, it shouldn’t warrant a lot of complaining.

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I’ve had the opportunity and privilege to travel to several third world countries in my life, and it has really changed my perspective. It is a great reminder of how blessed I am to live in a country like America that has so much…let’s be honest here…OVER-ABUNDANCE of just about anything I could want.

I’ve personally witnessed scenes like young children no more than 6 or 7 years old digging in the city dump for scrap metal to sell for money; a whole family of 11 people living in a 2 person tent; people wearing clothes that are too small or torn up and no shoes because they don’t have anything else; someone literally jumping up and down for joy because we gave them a $5 bill as a gift; and even one time when a young girl around 6 years old actually tried to get into our vehicle to leave with us, willing to leave her family and all she had ever known behind because she could tell we had a better life than she did. Those kind of scenes have made me realize that I don’t have the right to complain living here in America.

It seems to me that people living here in America, in a first world country with OVER-ABUNDANCE, sure do complain a lot. We need to stop posting #firstworldproblems and begin posting #firstworldblessings. Let’s post and share what we are thankful for instead of the ridiculous complaints we shouldn’t really have anyway. And when we do have a legitimate tough situation to deal with (health struggle, family issues, loss of job, etc), let’s not post it all over the internet. Rather, let’s focus on what we have to be thankful for and do our best to work through the struggle with dignity instead of constant complaints.

We are blessed here in America…let’s act like it.


note – all pictures used in this blog were found online when I did a Google search for “first world problems”. They do not belong to me, but rather are public domain.