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“Blurred Vision” Reviews


Below are a few online reviews of my book “Blurred Vision”, as well as the link to where they can be found.  If you’ve read it, please consider writing a review on one of the websites it can be found and purchased from.

If you have not read it, please consider purchasing a copy.  The ebook version of it is around only $4 (paperback is around $10).  You can find the different links where you can buy the ebook version here, and the paperback version can be purchased at any of these links.


“As one who has worked alongside Woogy, lived life with him, and learned from him, I can say with confidence that this is Woogy style for sure! It is Christ-centered, brutally honest, and rooted deeply with Scripture and personal stories.”

“This book offers a great insight to what it means to let the bible develop the way you think, absorb information, and live. If you are looking for teacher who is transparent and real then this book is for you. This would be a great tool for a small group, bible study, or youth group looking to use a book and author to help them in their study of scripture! Highly recommended!”

“AWESOME. He is my Youth Pastor at my Church and he uses examples in Youth Group, Sunday School and from where he used to be a Youth Pastor. This book is EPIC!! Epic is his favorite word and he uses it a lot! He is a really cool Youth Pastor!”

“Whether you are a new christian or are more spiritually mature in your walk with Christ, this book is applicable and one you won’t put down unchanged. Living a life as a christian can be filled with confusion and often uncertainty about what we should pursue and who Jesus really is. Well this book answers those questions and more. “Blurred Vision” is filled with scripture and real life examples which make for an amazing read. This book helped me to decide what path I would take in life and also helped me to more deeply pursue Christ. The author is also one of the craziest, and yet genuine guys iv’e ever met. He has a huge heart for Christ and is definitely not afraid to stand up for Jesus! He proves that Christ is the most important and our focus should be only on Him.”


“Insightful, playful, with a theological punch! This series of essays might spark an illustration or idea for a talk or lesson. Not just geared to the youth ministry, but helpful reading for all.”


“This is a great collection of critical realities for Christians of all ages. A quick and well-paced read, the book hits on major themes of how those who follow Jesus should view their life and the world around them. I strongly recommend “Blurred Vision”.”


” “Blurred Vision” is an amazing book! A true biblical understanding is hard to find but Woogy has it in this book. This book is a book for anybody whether Christian or non Christian it clears up a lot of stuff about life and the path we should take in life. After reading this book it have me a deeper desire to pursue Christ and even to pursue a path of ministry. I would highly recommend this book to anybody who wants a deeper understand of what a clear vision of life looks like.”


“Blurred Vision distills some of the basic tenants of the Christian faith, and Christian living, into accessible chunks of both biblical teaching and personal accounts. The approach is humble, and yet Pastor Woogy exhorts his readers to consider how they are, or are not practically living out the teachings of Christ- specifically in areas like Worship, Spiritual Warfare, Forgiveness, and Relationships. This small volume is very readable and great for readers of all ages, but will probably find its greatest appeal among millennials- yet, for many older readers this is a welcome and necessary exhortation to review the LORD’s work in our lives, and renew our commitment to live for Him.”


“I have to agree with Aaron that Christians and the church have blurred things that the Bible has in clear sharp focus. This book, though concise, points these areas out as well as gives actionable steps to take to correct them in our lives. He even quotes from the movie “The Patriot”. How can it be bad?!?”



Father. Speaker. Teacher. Pastor. Author of 'Blurred Vision' and 'Enough'. World Traveler. Passionate about searching, knowing, teaching, and living the truth of God's Word. Living in awe of God's Grace.

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