Today is Wednesday, March 27th 2013. It is the middle of what is referred to as “Holy Week”, which is the week leading up to the Sunday that we as Followers of Christ celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ (aka Easter). No doubt most who claim to be Followers of Christ have plans to attend a church service not only on Sunday, but also a special one during this week…Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Sunrise Service, etc. As Followers of Christ this is a HUGE week, because Christ dying for our sins and then raising from the dead 3 days later is the most important belief and central truth to being a Follower of Christ.

We should always keep Christ’s death and resurrection at the forefront of our minds and lives, but this week we get to especially focus on what Christ did for us. It is a great time to refocus ourselves again on what Christ did for us and the freedom he offers us through his salvation. Yet, that is not the focus for many this week…

Like I said, today is Wednesday, March 27th 2013. Today the Supreme Court is meeting to discuss whether gay marriage should be legalized or not. The past few days, social media has been overrun by many people posting about their personal beliefs concerning this issue, arguing with others who don’t agree with their personal views, and even changing their profile pictures in support of their side. Here are a couple of pictures I have seen posted on social media sites as people share their views and beliefs:

marriage equality symbol

does not equal

*there are many more pictures/symbols that have been posted, these are just a couple*

These kinds of pictures/symbols and what they stand for have dominated many conversations the past few days; both on social media and in real life. It has become the big discussion in our society this week as the Supreme Court meets and we all await to hear their ruling.

Now, just like everyone else, I have a certain belief and view concerning this issue as well…but I’m not going to be sharing it in this blog. What I am going to share is that I believe the wrong picture/symbol has become the focus of this week. This is, after all, the week we should be especially focusing on Christ’s death and resurrection. Here are the pictures/symbols that should be dominating our conversations and lives this week:



There is plenty of time to share our thoughts and views on all kind of issues going on in our nation…and next week I plan to share my thoughts about this current issue of gay marriage and how I believe Christians should respond. But not this week. This week I am choosing to not let the things of this world steal my focus off of my savior, Jesus Christ.

And I challenge all those who claim to be Followers of Christ to do the same thing this week. Focus on Christ and reflect on all that he has done for you! Don’t let what is happening in this world pull you away from focusing on and worshipping Christ. Make it all about Jesus…because it is!


note – all pictures used in this blog do not belong to me. They are all public domain.