It is very easy for Student Ministry Pastors/Leaders to build and create the ministry around their strengths. The area’s of the ministry that the Student Ministry Pastors/Leaders are strong in become the focal point of the ministry, and the area’s they are weaker in kind of get pushed to the back. That doesn’t mean they won’t work to improve so that those area’s of the ministry aren’t neglected, but the ministry is still built and created around the Student Ministry Pastor/Leader.

I believe as Student Ministry Pastors/Leaders we need to make sure we don’t build the ministry around ourselves, but instead we properly involve the students, adult leaders, and even parents in the ministry that we lead and facilitate. This means that as Student Ministry Pastors/Leaders, we have to not be the center of the ministry. We must allow the ministry to be bigger than just what we are good at; it needs to be a ministry that utilizes the strengths, desires, passions, and ideas of all involved in the ministry…students, adult leaders, and parents.

Student Ministry Pastors/Leaders need to look for and see the potential in those involved in the ministry in order to create and lead a ministry that is bigger than themselves. The Student Ministry Pastors/Leaders must train themselves to begin seeing everyone in the ministry as a vital part of what happens in the ministry. That is what makes a ministry larger than the leader, because it’s not just dependent on the leader for everything.

The students who are part of the ministry have a lot to offer…talents, ideas, passions, etc. Students want to be involved and use their gifts and talents, not just be told how to live for God but not given the chance to do so. Same thing with the adult leaders and parents of the students in the ministry…they all have something to offer.

Having experiences that come from being involved in different capacities is a great way to build faith for those who are involved in the ministry. We all learn from our experiences in our life, and that is true in our spiritual life as well.

Student Ministry Pastors/Leaders must let students, adult leaders, and parents be a part of the ministry; let them have experiences that they can learn from and have in their life to help them grow in their faith; let them serve God by using their talents and gifts in the ministry; allow the ministry to be larger than the leader so that ultimately God gets the glory instead of the leader.