I am what you would call a fan of football. Well, fan might not be a strong enough word…perhaps fanatic would be more appropriate. I love the game of football, always have. I pay attention to both the College and NFL football seasons each year. I even watch the NFL draft…and I enjoy it. I love the game of football, plain and simple.

If anyone ever engages me in a conversation about football, I am be able to hold my own quite well. I can easily talk for hours about football. And if the Broncos come into the conversation, that’s even better! No one has to make me talk about football, I do it freely whenever I am able. Football is a passion of mine, so it is natural for it to come up when I talk.

I’ve heard many Christians talk about how it is difficult to share their faith with others…whether it is with friends, family, acquaintances, or strangers. I’ve heard things like “it’s hard to bring up naturally” or “I don’t know what to say”. To try to combat this problem, there are many different programs and courses in churches today that train people how to share their faith with others.

What I have never quite understood is why Christians have such a hard time talking about their faith. Isn’t our faith in Jesus the most basic part of who we are since we are made alive in Christ?

So why is it hard to share with others the very thing that defines us as Christians? Honestly, it should be quite easy to share with others because all we are really doing is sharing our own life story. It’s like me talking to others about football. I love football and it is a major part of my life, so it’s very easy to talk about. Sharing our faith should be no different.

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I’m not against taking a course or sitting through a program that trains you how to share your faith…I’ve even learned a couple of different methods myself. But simply doing that won’t fix anything or make anything easier…you still have to be looking for an “in” when you are talking to someone so that you can share what you’ve been trained to say. Being trained can be good…don’t get me wrong, training definitely has its usefulness and helps us to be better prepared. But isn’t it ironic (or perhaps sad and pathetic are better words) that we don’t have to be trained to talk with others about movies, sports, music, or whatever else we are passionate about; but we have to be trained to talk to others about Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior?

Paul said that for him, to live is Christ. The only thing that was important was that he had been made alive in Christ, and that was what his life was all about. Read chapter 1 of Philippians where Paul says that and just see how Christ is his whole life. It was Paul’s life story, and he had no problem sharing it. We should be the same way.

If we have been made alive in Christ, then our whole life is defined by Christ. And if we are living for him like we should be; striving to be Holy as he is Holy and to be an imitator of Him, then our faith will be a natural thing to talk about, because it is simply talking about who we are are…it’s our life story.