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Is your idea of Worship limited to you?

A while back I attended a concert called the Rock and Worship Roadshow. I’m sure from the name of the concert that you can guess what style of music the concert was. There I was, in a crowd of thousands, singing all the songs at the top of my lungs. I was singing praises to God set to my favorite style of music, and I was loving every minute of it. I truly enjoyed my time singing praise songs to God that night.

That next morning was church. There were not thousands of people there, more like 150. There was not a band and lights and loud music, but rather simply an organ and piano to accompany a few singers. I stood there singing praises to God that morning, set to a much different style of music than the night before. I was praising God the same as I had the night before, despite the fact that it wasn’t my favorite style of music.

For some reason there is this idea in the church today that our ability to worship God through the act of singing praise songs has something to do with the style of music being played at that time. Where this idea came from I’m not sure (certainly not from the Bible), but it has become a very popular idea, and has greatly hindered our ability as the church to focus on God.

Churches will split because of an argument over the style of music, people will church-hop as they look for the one that best suits their own preferences, one group of people in a church who like a certain style of music will clash with another group of people who like a different style. All the focus is on ourselves. And when our focus is on ourselves and not on God, our ability to worship God is severely limited.

If we truly believe that our ability to worship God through singing praises is directly connected to the style of music the songs are set to, then our idea of worship is limited to ourselves. And when our idea of worship is limited to ourselves, then are we really worshiping God or are we worshiping our favorite style of music?

Being able to worship God through the act of singing praises, or by any other way for that matter, depends on our heart. Is our heart fully focused on God? Is God our main focus and top priority? Do we strive to live for God before our self or anything else? Do we ascribe to God the highest worth and greatest value in our lives?

True worship is an act of our lives being devoted to God above all else, and it is not dependent on a specific style of music.

When our heart and focus is in the right place, we can truly worship God no matter what the style of music is. And on the flip side, when our heart and focus are not in the right place, we won’t truly be worshipping God completely…even with our favorite style of music playing.

Is your idea of worship limited to you? Stop focusing on the style of music and start focusing on God.




Father. Speaker. Teacher. Pastor. Author of 'Blurred Vision' and 'Enough'. World Traveler. Passionate about searching, knowing, teaching, and living the truth of God's Word. Living in awe of God's Grace.

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